The most popular telematic platform edge of the world

​On New Daily cab can be provided in the first plant, the Blue & Me ™, developed by Fiat Group with Microsoft ™ - the most popular board telematic platform in the world, with over 1,500,000 units installed on cars and commercial vehicles.

The Blue & Me ™ lets you make calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel (thanks to its Bluetooth and steering wheel controls) and listen to your favorite music on USB key (thanks to the integrated MP3 player). But it is much more than a speakerphone evolved: dialogues in fact with the electronic control systems of the engine and of the vehicle, and is at the base of Blue & Me ™ Fleet, the revolutionary fleet management system that Iveco offers on its range by New Daily to Stralis.


Blue & Me ™ is the most common vehicle platform of the first plant for entertainment and communication. You installed about 1,000,000 cars and commercial vehicles in the world, and is an exclusive product of the Fiat Group.

Developed through a joint venture with Microsoft, Blue & Me ™ is based on Windows Mobile platform fo Automotive, and enables the customer:

• Bluetooth ™ connectivity.
• Management of peripheral U.S.
• The use of a hands-free phone kit controlled with voice commands.

Via Bluetooth ™ and USB port , the operating system Blue & Me ™ communicates with mobile phones with MP3 players and iPods.

How does Blue & Me ™ ?

Thanks to Bluetooth, Blue & Me ™ connects directly with the mobile phone of the driver. Thus allowing you to receive SMS and browse the phone book on the display on the instrument panel, and to call in handsfree using the appropriate commands to the steering wheel.

In addition, Blue & Me ™ allows you to listen to your favorite music directly from an MP3 player, from a smart phone or a USB key.
If you want, you can change the language of your Blue & Me ™ system by installing a simple and fast update file.

Download the instruction manual, in English or Italian.



To download the file, choose the language:

Download updates to the Blue & Me ™:



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